New Star Cineplex Cinema (NSC) Jember

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Jember, Jawa Timur

Alamat: Jl. Gatot Subroto No.37, Kepatihan, Kaliwates, Kepatihan, Kaliwates, Kabupaten Jember, Jawa Timur 68131, Indonesia
Rating: 3.90
Telp: +62 331 487702

Komentar :

Gee (17/04/2018 03:48)
okay, let me say this is a legend cinema of jember city. year by year have been passed. so many improvement that i’ve been feel it .
The movie is always not according to me . why ? when great movies has been released, almost over time their not show it. I know its strategy of business.
I hope they know and fix about my opinion problem .

ShiroganeKuro (13/03/2018 05:37)
Great place to watch a movie theatre especially with someone special

Muhammad Fahri Priambudi (08/02/2018 14:03)
This is the one and only operating-cinema in Jember so far. The facilities is mediocre, in par with their cheap ticket price. They also don’t check visitors stuffs at the entrance, which is little bit risky.

Using old cinema building, New Star Cineplex is regarded as second-rate cinema across our nation. They established their network mostly on smaller but emerging town, like Jember, Tuban, Madiun, and Banyuwangi.

Aza Maulana (30/01/2018 22:50)
one and only cinema in jember. the place is dicent. the service is good enough.

Gusti Agung (18/12/2017 06:35)
This cinema only has two studios but it’s quite updated for a small cinema, people don’t have to wait so long for new films to be played here. The ticket price is cheap so the facilities aren’t really good. For me the seats pretty uncomfortable, my friend even said they’re similar to bus seats, but the audiovisual is pretty decent. Too bad people of Jember don’t have any other choice if they want to watch movies because this is the only cinema here.

Ratri Ardianto (17/11/2017 08:29)
This is a cinema that join local east java cinema network. Perform on basic service of cinema. Chairs are uncomfortable, ticketing system so-so service. Basically, you got what you pay, dont over expect. Good point is, films are updated

irsyad muflih (05/10/2017 17:43)
Need more studios. Seats are uncomfortable. The only cinema in town.

Mas Wahyu (15/09/2017 21:29)
Want to see movie? Here is you have to go in Jember city

Sigit Eka Bayu (08/08/2017 03:46)
nice amd cool place..

Fabien12 (15/07/2017 05:26)
Big enough to bring your Family inside .and enjoy some movie with Popcorn in your hand

Susan Septyarini (05/07/2017 15:38)
If i have another options to watch movie. But i dont have

bagus wira (22/06/2017 04:01)
The only cinema in Jember (for now). The quality for the place is pretty decent. For the movies, you will get the latest update for the blockbuster movies. There are only two studios here.

Moechammad Ramadhan Soedarmadji (12/06/2017 23:13)
The only place you can get to watch movie in Jember

Oey Radianto Chandra Wijaya (12/04/2017 05:53)
The one and only cinema in jember but the facility, seats and sound system of this cinema are below standards (cineplex XXI, CGV Blitz)

Widad Syavirayana (19/03/2017 04:20)
The movies are up to date

Nafisyah Masnamala (18/02/2017 11:39)
Not recommended for watching film. Uncomfortable.

Gandu Setiawan (06/02/2017 16:17)
Nearest cinema in central of jember

Tiffanny Rachmania (28/01/2017 01:53)
the only place to watch movie in jember. gosh. the facility is not bad but not good. idk i just won’t watch movie in here again

Oey Radianto Chandra Wijaya (08/01/2017 17:10)
The one and only cinema in jember but the facility, seats and sound system of this cinema are below standards

Joel Matthew (07/05/2016 02:42)
Follow ig @joel_matthew_06

Methew Abdee (29/03/2016 09:48)
Awesome. Need more studio with 3d or imax 🙈🙈🙈

Lukman Hadi (26/07/2016 13:07)
Sip itu doang