Doho Homestay

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Jember, Jawa Timur

Alamat: Jl.Doho No.8, Kebonsari, Sumbersari, Kabupaten Jember, Jawa Timur 68122, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 331 4435519 eaAjhE

Komentar :

Dominikus Hugo (18/03/2018 09:59)
The nicesest homestay i ever visited. Its a good place to call home. Very quiet environment in the middle of Jember town, cozy and homey. Kekurangan nya di menu makanan khususnya breakfast nya, very poor.

Steffanus Jeffry (17/03/2018 17:19)
Clean, tidy, cozy, nice homestay. Keep it clean yah

Citraningtyas Ratnapuri (14/03/2018 00:20)
I thought it would usual home stay but it wasn’t. Doho homestay look nice, feel nice and cozy. The room are clean, the staff are very helpful.

Febrianto rama anji (18/01/2018 13:54)
Doho homestay has many rooms that good enough for you to stay for your business trip. The price for each rooms not too expensive so you can safe your money for other needs. Doho homestay is near with town maybe 10 minutes until 15 minutes

Miroslav Hořejší (13/01/2018 21:45)
Nice pool, clean and cozy room. The best room was announced for 450k/night. We had to pay 475/k a night. The reason was that 450k is for rooms on the second floor. Ground floor rooms cost allegedly 475k. I guess we were ripped of because we’re foreigners. We arrived to the homestay at 4pm and we needed to have our laundry done by the next noon. They told us it’s not possible, that we need to wait at least for 24 hours. After some negotiation we agreed that we’ll pay 100k for 3kg of laundry (normal price would be below 50k) and that the laundry will be ready at the time of our checkout. We unpacked the laundry in our next hotel and it was wet and dirty. Moreover, they stole (or forgot to give me) my shorts (~30USD). The pool was in front of our room and we were woken up at 4am by kids playing there. This place can be good if you don’t mind being woken up in the middle of the night and if you check your laundry when you get it. I need to give this place one start, mainly because of the higher price and stolen/dirty/wet laundry.

Citraningtyas Ratnapuri (14/10/2017 08:07)
I thought it would usual home stay but it wasn’t. Doho home stay look nice, feel nice and cozy.

Anika Ahmad (23/09/2017 13:34)
Very comfortable and beautiful setting. Service at the front desk slow. I would recommend this lovely hotel

Muhammad Fahri Priambudi (16/09/2017 09:13)
Cozy place to stay. Standard buffet for breakfast. There are swimming pool on the backyard. Unfortunately they’re no refrigerator inside the rooms.

perry setiyawan (09/09/2017 09:02)
They have 2 separate buildings …i got the new site when i stay there…unlucky me because the pool still in when my girl want to swim i need to walk little bit to reach the main site..but so far everything is good,they juz need to put some towel pool beside .ohhh ya the pool is not suitable for kids .. best of all the stuff is really helpfull ..

Yusi Jayanita (21/07/2017 16:22)
Nice place, cozy,clean n economic price with swimming pool n breakfast

Yenli Zheng (27/06/2017 03:36)
Nice and cozy place to stay. Not too expensive. The owners monitored and helped guests though on holidays. Thumbs up.

Bobby Sc (10/06/2017 12:07)
nice place.. cheap

Leonardus Dwi (06/06/2017 00:22)
Nice, clean and quiet place.

Bernie H (02/05/2017 13:45)
Very good homestay in Jember.

rehobot Id (07/04/2017 12:34)
nice homestay

Erwin Budiono (20/03/2017 05:55)
Nice place..

Tri Gunarso (01/02/2017 06:41)
Great place to stay

Yoshua Kaleb (27/12/2016 11:23)
Simple homestay, very clean and friendly staff. But doesn’t have any refrigerator and the buffet is mediocre.
Good overall.

Alexis Matelin (22/12/2016 13:05)
The doho homestay
Is an oasis in Jember.
For when from home
You’ll find yourself away
They will welcome you with honor.
Whether it’s a business trip, a vacation or a family reunion
That explains why you came
The result will be the same.
You will find yourself enjoying the best care;
However, beware:
After this, it might not be easy
To return to your usual reality.

antari rahmah (16/11/2016 23:59)
Good place for rest !!

Hare Wild (10/09/2016 07:41)
Nice n clean.. with lots of open space..

Happy Akhfadhi (30/08/2016 12:31)
Tempatnya keren dan nyaman

Achil Arema (05/08/2016 11:26)
Bagus, bersih, halaman luas

lukman iksan (22/07/2016 06:45)
Nyaman dan rekomended sebenernya. Tapi reseptionis kurang wellcome dan kebersihan kamar kurang detile. Menemukan benda tidak seharusnya tertinggal di kamar. 😑😥

Andre Tejokumolo (14/07/2016 18:04)
clean and homely

Sulthon Fatana (08/05/2016 16:38)
Recommended place for rest