Apotek Kimia Farma Kemakmuran

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Alamat: Jalan Kemakmuran Raya, Depok, Sukmajaya, Mekar Jaya, Sukmajaya, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16411, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 21 77833558

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helmi mohammad (16/04/2018 10:22)
Go healthy

Syahri Fadhli (20/12/2017 08:46)
Pharmacy, quite complete. You could order drug by prescription in here. The staff is very helpfull, if they don’t have the drugs, they could search it online to the next kimia farma store and tell you wich store have the mention drug.
In this pharmacy there is docter available with the time schedule.

Nayla Syahputri (21/09/2017 11:54)
luas tmpatnya

Imam Firdaus manurung (31/10/2016 11:00)
Cabang baru..

ABDUL MAZID (31/12/2016 15:34)
Like’ it

Imam Firdaus manurung (31/10/2016 11:00)
Cabang baru..